5 Tips on Boosting Your Testosterone
Testosterone, a hormone produced primarily by the testicles, is often associated with the epitome of ?manhood? (although women have testosterone, too).

Indeed, it does play a large role in male sexuality and reproduction, impacting such factors as sexual and reproductive function, muscle mass, and hair growth, but also has some less ?flashy,? albeit equally important, roles like maintaining bone density, levels of red blood cells and a sense of well-being.

Beginning around age 30, a man?s testosterone levels begin to decline, and continue to do so as he ages.

A wide range of chemical exposures included prescribed drugs like statins, adversely impact testosterone production in men. At the same time, estrogen levels typically increase due to widespread exposures to estrogen-mimicking compounds in food, water and environmental pollutants.

So guys, we face an uphill challenge to keep and boost our body?s testosterone.

Here are some tips on increasing your testosterone levels:

If you?re overweight, shedding the excess pounds may increase your testosterone levels, according to research presented at the Endocrine Society?s 2012 meeting. Overweight men are more likely to have low testosterone levels to begin with, so this is an important trick to increase your body?s testosterone production when you need it most.
Both intermittent fasting and short intense exercise have been shown to boost testosterone. Check out these findings on this testosterone-increasing technique:

In non-obese men, an intermittent fasting testosterone study showed that fasting increased LH (luteinizing hormone ? a testosterone precursor hormone) up to 67% and overall testosterone 180%.This is with just a single short term fast. The ability to regularly control your LH and T levels with daily fasts can be a powerful tool in your T-boosting toolbox.2.) Testosterone is positively correlated with insulin sensitivity.Because of this, it is smart to skip breakfast ? here?s why? the body?s circadian cycle has a natural cortisol spike shortly after waking, and this happens to be the time when most individuals eat breakfast.With fit, or somewhat fit, individuals, the insulin spike with the food intake, along with an already-high insulin sensitivity, and the high levels of circulating cortisol at this time of day, leads to a rapid drop in blood glucose. This triggers what is known as ?false hunger,? usually causing an individual to subsequently consume more calories than necessary.By skipping breakfast, you are regulating your blood glucose levels, insulin, and cortisol during the period of the day in which they are most sensitive.3.) Intermittent fasting allows your body a daily opportunity to burn excess body fat.
Your body utilizes this excess body fat for fuel and to rid itself of minor toxins before it needs to allocate energy to focus on things like digestion and glycogen synthesis. The quickest way to increase your T is to lose excess body fat. Fasting and testosterone elevation go hand in hand!

To put it simply, testosterone (both free T and SHBG-bound) levels correlate inversely with common measures of insulin resistance (such as insulin, C-peptide, and HOMA-IR) and body fat levels. The inverse association between testosterone and insulin resistance is mediated by adipose tissue, and independent of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).

In simple terms: the more body fat you have, the less testosterone you will naturally be able to produce.

4.) Intermittent fasting increases levels of a hormone called adiponectin. .

This increase in adiponectin during the fast helps improve insulin sensitivity. Adiponectin is so powerful, in fact, that it?s been shown to reverse insulin resistance in mice.

5.) With just a 24 hour fast, you can elevate your growth hormone levels by up to 2000%.

GH and T levels correlate with one another, both acting anabolically (improving glycogen uptake into the muscles, protein synthesis, and increasing training capacity and tolerance).

These are just 5 intermittent fasting testosterone benefits. You don?t need to be super strict about counting the hours of your fast either; you can experience these benefits by doing something as simple as skipping breakfast and consuming your first meal at lunch time, which also helps with psychological and lifestyle flexibility.

Strength training is also known to boost testosterone levels, provided you are doing so intensely enough. When strength training to boost testosterone, you?ll want to increase the weight and lower your number of reps, and then focus on exercises that work a large number of muscles, such as dead lifts or squats.
When you?re under a lot of stress, your body releases high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone actually blocks the effects of testosterone presumably because, from a biological standpoint, testosterone-associated behaviors (mating, competing, aggression) may have lowered your chances of survival in an emergency (hence, the ?fight or flight? response is dominant, courtesy of cortisol).

When you?re stressed, the last thing you probably feel like doing is getting out and exercising. But physical activity is a huge stress reliever?and you don?t have to be an athlete or spend hours in a gym to experience the benefits. Exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good, and it can also serve as a valuable distraction from your daily worries.While you?ll get the most benefit from regularly exercising for 30 minutes or more, it?s okay to build up your fitness level gradually. Even very small activities can add up over the course of a day. The first step is to get yourself up and moving. Here are some easy ways to incorporate exercise into your daily schedule:
Put on some music and dance around
Take your dog for a walk
Walk or cycle to the grocery store
Use the stairs at home or work rather than an elevator
Park your car in the farthest spot in the lot and walk the rest of the way
Pair up with an exercise partner and encourage each other as you work out
Play ping-pong or an activity-based video game with your kids
Do some push-ups or sit-ups during commercials.
Testosterone levels decrease after you eat sugar, which is likely because the sugar leads to a high insulin level, another factor leading to low testosterone.
How to Turbo-Charge Your Testosterone Levels Naturally.

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